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The UNITE Program at Kadena Air Force Base is a great way to strengthen camaraderie and teamwork among coworkers. Through this program, funding is provided for a variety of unique activities that allow Airmen in their unit to have fun and bond with one another. This program is available for all Kadena assigned Air Force & Space Force Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, Civilians (GS/NAF, IHA/MLC) and dependents. TDY units can use Unite funds, however, they would utilize their home station allocation. 

How to Unite

Know Before You Call

  • Contact your Kadena Community Cohesion Coordinator (C3) to confirm event is Unite eligible and verify unit funding allocation
    • Melanie Gravage: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. • DSN: 632.7220 • iPhone: 070.3802.8959
  • Complete Unite Request Form and submit Request Form to C3 for review
  • Once C3 signs form for approval:
    1. POC confirms items at event locations, reserve all rentals/items under UNITE (Melanie) account (within approved budget)
    2. Send C3 signed form to CC or Approval Designee for signature (return signed form to C3)
  • Once items are confirmed at locations, C3 will pay for event
  • Have fun at event
  • Submit AAR and pictures to C3 NLT 3 business days after event


Is Unite FY? What is the Unite timeline?

No, Unite is CY. Funds are allocated each year in late January. Funds are provided to each unit based on manpower. In October, all unit unused/non-committed  funds are consolidated to be used by any unit ready to execute. Events can be up to 31 December.

Can Unite be used for Holiday Parties?


Can my unit combine funds with other military-funded resiliency funds (True North, chapel, P2)?

No, Unite cannot be combined with other military-funded resiliency funds. Booster Funds or private funds are okay to offset out of pocket costs.

Can I use it for award ceremonies, commander calls, hail & farewells?

No, Unite cannot be used for any military-related events. Including off-sites, promotions, retirement ceremonies, luncheons, service balls

Do I have to use both APF and NAF funds for an event?

No, your event can use only APF or only NAF – however, NAF-only funded event must be used directly in conjunction with an approved Unite activity (recreation).

For example: APF: Track-and-Field event (free) – NAF: Subway platter and waters funded by Unite

For example: APF: Forest Adventure Zip-lining – NAF: no food request

Does the event have to be during duty hours?

No, your event can be at any time of day and any day of the week. (i.e. Night Golf at Chibana, evening Street Kart Naha, Southeast Botanical Gardens Illuminations)

Does the event have to be on base?

No, if your event is recreational in nature you can do an event anywhere (Araha Beach, ferry to surrounding island, Churaumi Aquarium)


How Unite Can Support

Activity Fund:

$13.50 per person towards admission, activities, equipment rentals, supplies, commissary surcharge

Can be used to subsidize a cost = $13.50 off an attraction entrance ticket per person

Can be consolidated = $13.50 x 30 people = $405 towards pavilion rental, SUP and Kayak rental, BBQ supplies/commissary surcharge (5% on food), and a bouncy house

Food & Beverage Fund:

$5.00 per person towards food

Can be used to subsidize a cost = $5.00 off per person at the bowling alley

Can be consolidated = $5.00 x 30 people = $150 towards burgers, brats, buns, condiments, chips, drinks, desserts from commissary

Both funds do not need to be used for a Unite event.

NAF-only funded event must be used directly in conjunction with an approved Unite activity (recreation). Unite funds do not need to pay for the APF portion of the event but there needs to be a recreational/team-building aspect to the event

For example: Track-and-Field event (free) – Subway platter and waters funded by Unite

For example: Forest Adventure Zip-lining – no food request

What Unite Cannot Support & Unauthorized Items

Unite funds cannot be used towards holiday parties, end of year events, balls, banquet, dining events, combat dining in/out, squadron training/meetings, change of commands, going-aways/hail & farewells, promotion/retirements, or base-wide special events.

Unite funds cannot be combined with unit enhancement funds or SM&W funds (chapel, True North, P2, etc.).

Unite funds cannot be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Unite funds cannot be used to purchase equipment, including electronics.

Unite funds are not authorized to purchase items for volunteer events, such as gloves, tools, paint, or supplies.

Unite funds cannot be used to purchase cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, face shields, thermometers, or medical equipment as these are considered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Food service gloves are authorized.

Unite funds cannot be used to cover the cost of damages, cleaning fees, late fees, or insurance.

Unite funds cannot be used to purchase prizes, gift cards, fundraising material/equipment, giveaways, or promotional items (examples: trophies, medals, plaques, banners, marketing/advertisements, apparel, cups, personalization of objects, murals, shirts, hats, and jerseys).

Unite funds cannot be used to purchase equipment to donate to charities (examples: Build-A-Bed and Build-A-Bike).

Unite funds cannot be used for gambling or to purchase gambling products, including traditional bingo games, where funds are accumulated and paid to a winner. Such an arrangement is a prohibited practice that conveys a personal benefit to a winner.

Decorations for Unite events should not exceed more than 10% of the event's total cost. (Example: squadron teambuilding event cost $1000, then the cost of decorations should not exceed $100).

AFSVC will not provide reimbursement to events that have not been approved. If a squadron executes an event without approval, all expenses will be the responsibility of the squadron.

Unite does not reimburse. All payments must be made by the C3.

Event Ideas

  • Beach BBQ – Kadena Marina, Torii Beach, White Beach, Okuma, Araha Beach, Toguchi Beach, etc.
  • Emery Lanes Bowling or any bowling center
  • Street Kart Naha
  • Yomitan Go-Kart
  • Keystone Private Movie with Popcorn and a Drink included (1st Run Showings)
  • Okuma Pick-2 (SUP, Kayak, Go-Kart, Mini-Golf, Glass-Bottom Boat)
  • Paintball (Kadena ODR or White Beach)
  • Pool Party
  • Golfing – Banyan Tree GC, Chibana GC, Taiyo or any off base
  • Battle of Okinawa Tour
  • Private Tour with ITT
  • ODR Equipment Rentals – Inflatables/Bouncy Houses, Games, Water Sports, etc.
  • Round 1 Spotcha Levels (darts, billiards, karaoke, arcade, ping-pong, roller rink, ball pit, soccer, archery, basketball, batting cage, candlestick bowling, mechanical bull + more)
  • Churaumi Aquarium
  • Ferry to Surrounding Island
  • Camping at Okuma
  • Marina Private Charter to Keramas for Snorkel or Scuba
  • ITT Attraction Tickets (Moon Beach Lunch & Pool, Manza Beach Inflatable Park with Lunch, Southeast Botanical Gardens Illuminations, Okinawa World, Ice Skating, Zip-Lining, + more)
  • Escape Room (Gate 2 or Rycom)
  • Chibana Night Golf
  • Chibana Private Driving Range

  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Instructional Classes (on- or off- base) – Yoga Class, Cooking Class, etc.
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Anime Figurine DIY
  • Game Tournaments – Disc Golf, Cornhole, Volleyball, Ladder Golf, Ping-Pong etc.
  • Park/Pavilion Rentals - Marek Park, Kenney Park, Rodriguez Park, Kadena Marina, etc.
  • Room Rentals for Activities – Schilling Ballroom, Rocker Enlisted Club, etc.
  • Pedicures – on- or off-base
  • Hiking – Hiji Falls, Katsuren-Jo, etc.
  • Cardboard Boat Race
  • Crafts
  • Catering Services (with recreational activity event)




MELANIE GRAVAGE • Community Cohesion Coordinator (C3) 

Bldg. 721, 1st Floor, Room D-110 (next to MPF/DEERS)

Kadena AFB

Hours of Operation

  • Mon - Fri
    8 am - 4:30 pm
  • Sat - Sun
  • Family Days & Holidays