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Outdoor Recreation

The Kadena Outdoor Recreation Program provides expertly managed recreational activities and outings, access to all necessary rental equipment and outdoor gear, as well as professionally trained and knowledgeable recreation staff. We’ve got the information, equipment, and programmers ready to help you get outdoors and enjoy your local natural resources!

Equipment Rental

Outdoor recreation offers a variety of rentals to make your party, BBQ, or camping trip the best it can be. View our Price list and find out more about our rental policies below.

Equipment Rental

Monthly Trip Schedule

Book a local trip and discover unforgettable hidden gems right here in Oki with our team of experts by your side! 

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Reach the tallest summit in Japan with us!

Check climbing Mt. Fuji off your bucket list with our summer annual trip! Mt. Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan, peaks at 12,388 feet where climbers must ascend for 5 - 8 hours and descend for another 3 - 5 hours. Prepare for the hike with ODR through their hiking trips, climbing opportunities, and trips to outdoor shops where they can help you with necessary gear needed and how to pack your bag.

How difficult is it to climb Mt. Fuji?

It's vital for hikers to be aware of such challenges before their excursion up the legendary Mt. Fuji. The average temperature at the summit is 40° F during midsummer! Temperatures plummet even lower during nights and mornings, so make sure to wear warm clothing.

In a single day's trip, you'll ascend 1,471 meters in about 7 hours. With elevation that high, some hikers may experience altitude sickness. This is due to the decrease in oxygen at high altitudes.

Preparation & Supplies
  1. Limit caffeine & alcohol 24 hours prior.

  2. Get plenty of sleep (at least 8 hours).

  3. Acquire proper equipment.

  4. Pack necessities only. Avoid “nice to have” supplies. AVOID OVERPACKING.

  5. Keep the weight in your backpack to no more than 5 lbs. A heavy pack will overtax you and cut off blood circulation to your limbs. Less weight means better balance.

  6. Consume high-protein foods in light weight packages rather than cans.

Kadena ODR is here to support your training needs for Mt. Fuji! Keep up with the latest tips, trips, and recommendations on Kadena Outdoor Recreation. Watch out for the supply checklist next month!



Hiking at Aso Kuju National Park in Kyushu

25 - 28 May

$750 • Single Room | $725 • Twin Room

We'll be hiking some of the tallest mountains in Kyushu — Mt. Nakadake (1,791 meters) and Mt. Kuju (1,786 meters)! All transportation, lodging, 3 breakfasts and 2 dinners, and a trip guide fluent in both English and Japanese are included. Space is limited; reserve your spot now!

For reservations or more information, Contact Us Now!

Trips & Services

Outdoor Recreation offers a wide range of facilities, services, programs including a large equipment rental center and so much more.

Click Here: To Schedule Trips and Activities

  • Adventure Trips

    ODR Adventure Trips

  • Archery

    Be as good and confident as Katniss Everdeen and shoot your shot with their archery class where they will introduce you to the basics of archery from learning the proper stance and shooting techniques.

    Contact ODR to Learn More!

  • Disc Golf

    Disc Golf is a free-to-use course that wraps all around Outdoor Recreation (ODR) and surrounding facilities! It is an urban-style course with 20 holes! The course offers two separate tee pads for short and long drives toward the baskets. ODR has tons of disc golf products and accessories for sale and for rent to support participation in this enjoyable sport! Come into ODR to get a map of the course and we’ll help answer any questions you have!

    ODR hosts Disc Golf Clinics and tournaments to encourage disc golfers from beginners to pros to join in on the fun!

  • Paintball

    *Pavilions are now available*
    • Location: Chibana Golf Course

    If you haven’t tried paintball yet, look no further! Paintball is one of the most fun sports to play! Unlike other sports, you do not have to be the strongest, fastest, youngest, fittest, or the sharpest shooter to play the game! Communication, quick thinking, and fast decision-making skills will help you succeed! So if you want to have some tactical fun, come join us!

    Paintball Parties – We offer paintball parties that can be reserved for $300 and covers up to 10 players and 2 hours of play!!

    • $300 Paintball Party includes:
      • Max 10 Players
      • 2 Hours of Playtime
      • Marker
      • Hopper
      • Mask
      • Tank
      • 250 Paintballs
      • All air tank refills included during the party
      • Additional players are $25.00 each
      • Additional time for large groups is as follows:
        • 20 to 31 players = 3 Hours of Playtime
        • 32 or more = 4 Hours of Playtime

    Make sure to fill out your wavier – click here!

  • Pavilions

    *Pavilions are now available*

Upcoming Events

Ishigaki .JPG

FUN Ishigaki Islan ...Outdoor Rec

Ishigaki .JPG

FUN Ishigaki Islan ...Outdoor Rec

Ishigaki .JPG

FUN Ishigaki Islan ...Outdoor Rec

Ishigaki .JPG

FUN Ishigaki Islan ...Outdoor Rec

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Outdoor Recreation Center

Kadena AB, Building #614. Located behind the Risner Fitness Center.

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
    10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday
    8:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Wednesday