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Family Child Care

A Family Child Care (FCC) home is a base home approved by the Mission Support Group commander to provide child care services to military families and civilians. If you are in need of quality child care the Family Child Care Program could be for you! Any adult offering regular child care in privatized base housing MUST be licensed according to their lease contract. FCC homes offer an inviting setting, with a family atmosphere, where your child can participate in quality developmental activities and be properly supervised by a trained professional.

Parents’ Night Out Enrollment

Give Parents a Break and Parents’ Night Out enrollment is now an online-only registration process on CYP-BMS.

Steps to enroll in CYP-BMS

Families New to CYP-BMS
  • To begin the process for enrollment, please fill out the form below.
  • Families requesting access will receive a time-sensitive registration link for the CYP-BMS Parent Portal.
  • Create your Family Record and profiles for all participating children, set up automatic payment and upload current immunizations.
  • Search for Parent's Night Out under Camp/Instructional Classes
  • For assistance, contact the Community Child Care Coordinator
Families with an existing CYP-BMS account
  • Log into CYP-BMS
  • Make necessary updates
  • Search for Parent's Night Out under Camp/Instructional Classes
Families transferring from another installation

Please fill out the form below, or contact the Community Child Care Coordinator.

Parents' Night Out

Why choose the Family Child Care Program?

What We Offer

FCC is flexible

- Many providers can respond to the unique needs of military schedules such as weekends, evenings, and intermittent care.

- Care is available for infants six weeks to school-age children in one home, so siblings can stay together.

- Settings for children who do best in small groups.

FCC is safe

- Every provider and household members age twelve and older have in-depth background checks.

- Provider's homes are inspected by the Fire, Safety, and Public Health Departments annually or more.

- Unannounced home visits are made by the FCC Office to the home to ensure compliance with all regulations at least once per month.

- Only six children can be in care at any time, including the provider’s own children under the age of eight. Only two of these six can be under the age of two, including the provider’s own children.

- Providers purchase their own daycare liability insurance.

FCC is well-trained

- Providers have the same orientation training as all CYP employees, including CPR, First Aid, health, sanitation, food handling and disease prevention, child growth and development, child abuse prevention and reporting, appropriate guidance, setting up a home environment, USDA policies and menu planning and business practices before getting licensed.

- Providers complete military standardization modules to ensure they operate a developmentally appropriate home with developmental activities.

- Assessments of each of the fifteen modules are conducted to observe providers doing developmentally appropriate hands-on activities in their home.

- Providers join a network that meets monthly to exchange views and train on special topics relating to their profession.

- The FCC Office continually works with providers to provide training, support, equipment, and guidance.

FCC is quality

- Providers participate in USDA and serve nutritious meals.

- Providers follow the "Creative Curriculum" and offer a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities for children to enjoy.

- Providers work towards their Child Development Associates (CDA), a national child care credential, and National Accreditation through the National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC) showing their expertise in the field.

- Financial assistance is available to children on the CDC waiting list which allows parents' fees to match what they would pay at the CDC.

Expanded Family Child Care Program

DAF FCC Extended Duty Care
For parents that require care for non-traditional hours (i.e.mission related duty, temporary shift changes, rapid mobilization)on an occasional basis
  • Active Duty Service Member
  • Reserve/Guard Member in FT AD Status or DoD Civilian
  • Must already be purchasing full-time or B/A care at CDC, FCC, or SAC, be scheduled to work, and have no one available to care for child at home
DAF 24/7 Child Care
For personnel who are required to work overnights, weekends, and holidays (i.e.SFS, Command Post, FD, Medical, Force Support, ISR) on a regular basis
  • Active Duty Service Member, Reserve/Guard Member in FT AD Status or DoD Civilian
  • Must already be purchasing full-time or B/A care at CDC, FCC, or SAC, be scheduled to work, and have no one available to care for child at home
DAF FCC Military Spouse Appointment Care
For military spouses to attend approved appointments related to aspects of military life (i.e. Key Spouse and Ombudsmen appointments, job interview, initial job training/new employee orientation, Medical appointments, AFRC/FAP/Chaplain/MDG classes)
  • For military spouses only
  • ADM are not eligible unless attending appointment with spouse
  • No requirement to purchase care
  • Appointment documentation required
DAF FCC Deployment Care
Child Care for families whose sponsor is deployed in support of a contingency operation or on a remote assignment
  • Active Duty Service Member, Reserve/Guard Member in FT AD Status
  • Sponsor must be active duty status at all times to use care
  • No requirement to purchase full-time care
  • Deployment/TDY orders required
DAF FCC Permanent Change of Station Child Care
20 hours of child care at a licensed FCC home to help families during PCS (inbound and outbound) or 12 hours of child care for transition assistance
  • Active Duty Service Member assigned to DAF-led installation or Retiring/Separating Active Duty Service Member, Reserve/Guard Member
  • No requirement to purchase full-time care
  • PCS orders or appointment documentation required
DAF FCC Emergency Medical Care
Designed to provide 48 hours of child care for families who are experiencing an "emergency" medical issue with an immediate household member
  • Active Duty Service Member
  • Reserve/Guard Member in FT AD Status
  • No requirement to purchase full-time care
  • Physician's statement required
DAF Exceptional Family Member Program Respite Child Care
Designed to provide DAF families short term, specialized child care
  • Air Force ADM or Air Force Reserve/Air National Guard Member in an active duty status
  • Airman must be Q-Coded; Moderate or Severe Classification
  • EFMP Verification Form must be submitted for approval

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Family Child Care

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