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Kimono Tapestry Workshop
Sea Shack Opening Weekend!
Kadena International Wine Festival
Champagne Brunch
Bingo Appreciation
Memorial Day Special
$1,199 Holiday Bingo
Enlisted Club Family Membership Night
Retiree Club Member Appreciation
Japanese Conversation Class
Bengala Soil-Dyed Tie-Dyed T-Shirts and Japanese Hand Towel "Tenugui"
Last Friday Super Social Hour
Mini Breakfast Buffet
Japanese Flower Arrangement
Sunday Club
$750 Night Bingo
Sunday Breakfast
Champagne Brunch
Night Bingo
Barrio Fiesta
Weekday Lunch Fare
KUMON (Math/Japanese)
Smartphone Trivia
Navigating Federal Employment
Wednesdays Kids Night Special
Japanese Conversation Classes
Overnight Camping at Okuma
The Power of Positive Parenting
STEM Science (Ages 6 - 9)
Drive-By Dinners
Karaoke Night
National Donut Day
River Trekking
Japanese & English Language Exchange
Smooth Move
First Friday Summer Kickoff Social
Weekly Friday Social Hour
Hanabi's Live DJ
Rocker Lounge Weekend Programs
Beach Clean Up
Father & Daughter Dance
Pool Movie Night!
Japanese Natural Soil-Dyed Kid's T-Shirts and Japanese Hand Towel
Maintenance Day
Ditching the Dorms
Picnic with Parents
Japanese Survival Language Class
Tots Day: Dino & Neo Park
Japanese Traditional Clamp Resist Dyeing "Tenugui"
Kids Watercolor Summer Camp Pt. 4
Zanpa Starry Paint Night
Statehood Admission Day
Kids Watercolor Summer Camp Pt. 5
Clothing Swap Library
Weekly Friday Social Hour
Film Friday : Inside Out
End of School Pool Party
Father's Day Retail Sale
Resin Ocean Art Project: Daddy & Me Pair of Shisa Project
Venture Trip
Beginner Pottery Pt. 2
Coral Dying & Kokusai
Japanese Soil Dyeing T-Shirts & Hats
Shogun Event Association Block Party
Hai Sai "Hello" Summer
Airman's Kick Back Social
Personalized Resin Jewelry
Father's Day Brunch
Father’s Day Brunch
Venture Trip
Valley Of Gangala & Okinawa World
Father’s Day Brunch Buffet
Hand Built Clay-Pinch Pot Coral Bowls
Resin Design Shape Board "Sand Beach"
Father's Day Bullfights
Father's Day Special
Resin Cheese Board & 2 Coasters
Kokeshi Doll Painting "Kimono"
June Special Sale
Teen & Adult Crafts
Tokyo Overnight
Basic Woodworking Pt. 3
Vest in TSP Financial Touchpoint
Kid Crafts
Washi Craft: Hibiscus Making with Decoupage Vase
Juneteenth Teen Council
Juneteenth Celebration
Juneteenth Day Special
Enlisted Club Membership Night
Key Spouse Refresher Training
Kiddie Disco
Stand Up Paddle Board
Membership Appreciation Day