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Women’s Dive Day – Drive, Dive & Dine!
Weekly Friday Social Hour
Film Friday : Turning Red
St. Patrick's Revenge
Trash to Treasure: Artful Cleanup!
Azalea Festival
Japanese Conversation Class
Guitars & Cars
Guitars & Cars
Guitars & Cars
$750 Night Bingo
Sea Kayaking & Picking up Strawberry and Tomato - NEW
Azalea Festival
Maintenance Day
5 Love Languages
Reintegration & Post-deployment Briefing
Picnic with Parents
St. Patrick's Day Sale!
Mangrove Kayaking & Azalea Festival
Japanese Survival
Teen Craft
Membership Night
Pre-deployment Briefing
Hiking Club: Mt. Sankaku
NEO Warden Training
STEM Science (Ages 10 - 12)
March Lock-in
Pro Shop St. Patrick’s Sale
St. Patrick's Day Fun
St. Patrick's Day Sale
St. Patrick's Day Weekend Sale
Welcome Tour
Membership Appreciation Day
Food Tour: Naha at Night
St. Patrick's Day Party
Pickleball 101
Hiking Tamatsuji
CYP Parents' Night Out
Urashima Dinner Theater
Valley Of Gangala & Okinawa World
St. Patrick's Day Brunch
St. Patrick's Day Special
Vest in TSP
Creative Ways to Budget
Indoor Golf Club
Baller Bingo
Resume Writing 101
Family Bingo : Superheroes
Enlisted Club Membership Night
Kiddie Disco
Closure: Kadena Marina & Seaside Restaurant
Winter in the Sun
Hiking Club: Jawbone Ridge
Key Spouse Mentor Training
Spring Break Tours: Tokyo
Spring Break at Okuma!
Jungle ATV & Zip-lining
Spring Break Tours: Osaka
Spring Break Tours: Taipei
Closure: Karing Kennels
Skateboard Trip
Kimono Tapestry Workshop
Spring Break Daytrip: Coral Dyeing & Kokusai Street
Color Fun Run
Spring Break • 50% off SUP & Kayak Rentals
Spring Break Tour: Battle Of Okinawa • Pt. 1
Bingo Appreciation
Spring Break • Fishing Camp
Spring Break Daytrip: Spring Ice Skating
Spring Break • Fishing Camp
Adult Book Club
Adult Crafts
Registration Deadline • Ishigaki Diving Trip
Spring Break • Buoy Painting
Thrifting around Okinawa & Ramen Dinner
Mongolian BBQ Night
Family Membership Night
Spring Break Daytrip: Tots Day
Spring Break • Ocean Explorers : Turtles
Enlisted Club Family Membership Night
Facility Closure
Retiree Club Member Appreciation
Spring Break • Fishing Camp
Spring Break • Fishing Camp
Spring Break Daytrip: Okinawa Gardens
Last Friday Super Social Hour
End of Spring Break Party
Spring Break • Seal Team
Spring Break Daytrip: Glass Tour
SNORKEL QUEST (How-To Snorkel)
Spring Break Tour: Food Tour: Naha at Night
Easter Egg Hunt
Healing Power Of Moxa
Easter Day Champagne Brunch
Easter Buffet
Month of the Military Child