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STEM Science (Ages 6 - 9)
Drive-By Dinners
Sea Shack
Japanese & English Language Exchange
Smooth Move
Japanese Conversation Class
First Friday Social Arabian Night
Japanese Flower Arrangement
School Supply Giveaway
National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
Champagne Brunch Featuring a Potato Bar
Night Kayaking
Barrio Fiesta
Youth Center Summer Camps
Kid Crafts
Statehood Admission Day
Navigating Federal Employment
Film Friday
Okuma Overnight Summer Adventure
Tip-N-Tuck Tournament
International Bowling Day
Champagne Brunch Featuring a Gyro Bar
Library Closure
Maintenance Day
Picnic with Parents
Membership Night
Commander’s Key Support Mentor Training
Back to School Sale
Back-to-School Pool Party
Neon Spin-A-Thon
Champagne Brunch Featuring a Fajita Bar
Ditching the Dorms
Couples & Cents
National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day
Japanese & English Language Exchange - Board Game Night
Baller Bingo
Kid Crafts
Acing the Interview
Family Bingo : Disney
Enlisted Club Membership Night
Kiddie Disco
MT. FUJI TRIP: Mt. Fuji & Fire Festival
Yukata Dressing
Kimono Tapestry Workshop
Back-to-School BBQ Champagne Brunch
Adult Book Club
Japanese Grocery Shopping Bus Tour
Mongolian BBQ Night
Family Membership Night
Tokyo Overnight
Enlisted Club Family Membership “Back-to-School” Night
Facility Closure
Retiree Club Member Appreciation
Membership Appreciation Day
Last Friday Super Social Hour
YYY Club Ie Resort Overnight
Naha Country Club Golf Tour
Kids Bowl Free
Kanucha Golf Tour
Ocean Castle Golf Tour
Atta Terras Golf Tour