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Kadena Aero Club

Aero Club will be closed due to an exercise from January 27 through February 3.

Located inside the Schilling Community Center, Building 455
DSN • 634-4207
Mobile • 080-6493-6299 (Please note this number is not text friendly.)

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday • 10 am – 6 pm
Saturday • 10 am – 2 pm
Sundays and Federal Holidays • Closed

Flight Hours
Monday – Sunday • As scheduled

Contact Us: 


Cool Videos
Want a taste of what the Kadena Aero Club can offer you? Check out this awesome video!

Opportunities with Kadena Aero Club
• Support the Air Force mission
• Participate in a professional aviation training program
• Enjoy safe, low-cost aircraft operations
• Develop and maintain aeronautical skills with awareness and appreciation of aviation

Island Flight Tour
$249 • Up to 3 passengers
Fly with one of our experienced pilots and be introduced to the wonders of Okinawa. Grab your camera and snap a photo of your house as you soar by!

Introductory Flight
$199 • Per person
This is a great introduction for people who are curious about learning to fly. Take to the skies with a Certified Flight Instructor who will cover the basics of flight training with you! You will log one hour of flight on this adventure that can be applied toward obtaining your Private Pilot’s License.

Aircraft Rental
$129 • Per hour in the Cessna 172
Receive a 10% discount on all aircraft rental fees on weekdays, including holidays.

Private Pilot Ground School
Classes eight weeks long and are held quarterly. Please contact Aero Club directly to inquire about upcoming dates.
$289 • Tuition fee
$330 • Jeppesen training kit
$50 • Classroom books
$70 • Introductory flight (Discounted rate only available as part of the Private Pilot Ground School package)
Material fees subject to change.

Membership Application
Covenant Not to Sue
Chase Dues Form
Credit Card Agreement
Membership Preparation Checklist
Student Availability Sheet

Flight Scheduler
For online flight scheduling please click here.

Certified Flight Instructors Needed!
The Flight Training Center is looking for Certified Flight Instructors who are available weekends and nights.

• DoD

Airport Information
• Airports of Southern Chain of Islands (Okinawa and Kagoshima)
• List of Airports in Southern Chain Islands

• Flight plan (DD1801)
• Preflight Checklist
Passenger Safety Briefing
• Flight plan (PACAF227)
• Covenant not to sue (AF1585)
• Refuel request
• Refuel cancel
• Weather briefing request

Navigation Log
Traffic Pattern Operations