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Military Personnel Section

Located in Building 721B
Phone • 634-8978

Hours of Operation
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday • 8 am – 3 pm
Wednesday • 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
3rd Thursday of the Month • 8 am – noon (Walk-ins)
Weekends, Holidays and PACAF Family Days • Closed

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Quick Links:
MPS Sharepoint
RAPIDS Appointments (CAC/Dependent/Civilian/Retiree cards)
Kadena Passport Office Checklist

Reporting and In-Processing Procedures

Inbound Airmen must contact their sponsor for temporary lodging reservations and a Kadena AB information/welcome package. Airmen should make every effort to reserve temporary lodging prior to arrival to ensure accommodations are available for their family while completing in-processing which can take several days. It is important that lodging is arranged through the Kadena Lodging office, otherwise, there is a risk of not being reimbursed for lodging expenses. Airmen without a sponsor should gaining unit Commander Support Staff (CSS) or the Military Personnel Section’s Customer Service office at DSN 634-4537 for CSS contact information.

Upon arrival to Kadena Air Force Base, Airmen must first report to your unit’s Commander Support Staff (CSS), INTRO Manager or Admin staff representative with a copy of your orders upon arrival or the next duty day after weekend arrival to begin in-processing. The unit will provide the Initial Duty Assignment (IDA) notification and squadron checklist.

After unit in-processing, newcomers must attend the Newcomer’s Orientation Seminar offered every Wednesday at the Schilling Community Center. For more information about specific in-processing procedures, contact your gaining unit Commander Support Staff or the MPS at DSN 634-4537.

Customer Support
• ID Card/DEERS updates
• Inprocessing/Accessions
• Intial Enlistment Bonus (IEB)
• INTRO Program
• Passports

Force Management
• Duty Status
• Evaluations
• Decorations
• Classifications/G-Series
• 2096/2098 Actions
• Tour Credit
• UIF/Control Roster

Career Development
• Assignments
• Retirements/Separations
• Re-enlistments/Extensions
• Command Sponsorship
• DEROS Extensions/Curtailments
• IPCOT/COT Orders
• Student Dependent Travel
• Officer Promotions
• Enlisted Promotions

Virtual Military Personnel Flight (vMPF) for Military only
The following actions are available to all military members via the Virtual Military Personnel Flight (vMPF) website located on the Air Force Portal (Active Duty history information is imperative when meeting promotion boards):

• Virtual Record of Emergency Data (vRED) review/update
• Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)
• Humanitarian Re-assignment
• Request Changes in Duty History
• Request Retirement
• Initial Assignment Briefing
• Virtual Out-processing Checklist
• Awards & Decorations Updates
• Data Verification Brief
• Record Review/Update
• CONUS Assignment Exchange
• Evaluation Appeals
• RNLTD Change Request
• High School Senior Assignment Deferment
• Proof Of Service Letter
• Transfer of Education Benefits (TEB)

Sponsor Allocations
Sponsor updates on sharepoint roster are due to 18 FSS/FSMPS (Customer Service) within five days of upload. It is imperative to update/route sponsor information quickly to ensure the inbound member receives timely notification of their sponsor. For more information, call DSN: 634-4537.

Identification and Common Access Cards (CAC)
Military ID and CACs are issued via appointment only at MPS Customer Service section. Required documents are mandatory for an ID card and/or CAC. All documents must be original or notarized copies only. Two forms of identification are required, 1 must be a photo ID. To re-issue a CAC, military member must have letter from First Sergeant.

Please book an appointment to lessen your wait time. Wait time can exceed 2 hours for walk-ins.

Required Documentation

All DEERS eligible personnel must show TWO valid forms of identification. All documents must not be expired except for Active Duty Member’s driver’s license only. *One of the forms of identification must be an official federal, state or local government agency -issued form of identification containing a photograph of requesting member. (no debit cards)

• US Passport
• Permanent Registration/Alien Registration Receipt with photo
• Foreign Passport with a Temporary I-1551 Stamp
• Employment Authorization Documentation issued by INS with photo
• Foreign Passport with Unexpired Arrival/Departure
• Driver’s License or ID Card Issued by State
• ID Card Issued by Federal, State, or Local Gov’t
• School ID Card with Photograph
• Voter’s Registration Card
• U.S Military ID Card or Military Dependent’s ID Card
• U.S Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card
• Native American Tribal Document
• Driver’s License Issued by Canadian Government
• U.S Social Security Card
• Certification of Birth Abroad Issued by Dept of State
• Original or Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate
• U.S Citizen ID card (Form I-197)
• ID card for use of Resident Citizen in the U.S
• Employment Authorization Document Issued by DHS
• Reentry Permit (INS Form I-688B)
• Refugee Travel Document (INS Form I-327)

Initial DEERS Enrollment of Dependents – Sponsor Must Be Present

New Spouse

• Sponsor (Military or Retired member) or General/Special Power of Attorney if sponsor is not present.
• Marriage Certificate
• Social Security Card
• Sponsor’s divorce if applicable
• Two valid forms of identification
• Birth certificate

• Sponsor (Military or retired member)
• Birth Certificate/Certificate of Live Birth
• Social Security Card (if available)

• Marriage Certificate
• Birth Certificate
• Social Security Card
• Two valid forms of identification if over 21 yrs of age

Ward and Foster Children
• Dependency Determination/Approval from servicing DFAS
• Birth Certificate
• Social Security Card
• Two valid forms of identification if over 21 yrs of age

Civilian CAC
• Update 30 days prior to expiration date.
• Two valid forms of identification.

Contractor’s/Volunteer CACs
• Update information in CVS with new expiration date.
• Two valid forms of identification.

Renewal of Dependent Cards Spouse and Children (10 – 20 years of age)
• Sponsor (Military or Retired member) or Power of Attorney (General/Special) or DD Form 1172 notarized
• Two forms of identification
• Children (Over 21 years of age)
• Sponsor (Military or Retired member) or Power of Attorney
• Letter from school Registrar stating full time and anticipated graduation date
• Two forms of identification