Lifefit Tour

Lifefit Tour
Monday, 27 March • 11:45 am & 5:05 pm
Tuesday, 28 March • 11:45 am & 5:05 pm
At the Risner Fitness Center
Come out to the Risner Fitness Center for demonstrations from professional athletes brought to you by Armed Forces Entertainment!

About the athletes

 Jackie Perez

Growing up, Jackie played every sport she could, including high school volleyball, soccer and softball. In Junior College, she focused on volleyball and continued playing for Cal State Hayward where she obtained her BS in Kinesiology. Upon graduation, Jackie began her career in Fitness and Personal Training where she pursued and received multiple certifications. While she was incredibly successful in the traditional fitness and personal training industry, Jackie missed the competitive nature of team sports until she found CrossFit. Jackie is a fantastic CrossFit Coach and a fierce competitor having competed in the 2010 and 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games; both years she advanced to Regionals where she finished in the Top 20. Jackie has also competed in many other CrossFit competitions like “FemmeFit” finishing in the Top 10 and recently took 2nd Place at the inaugural Nor Cal CrossFit Competition and an incredible Top 10 Finish at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Regionals Competition (Nor Cal Region). Jackie was recently part of the CSA Team that took 1st in the 2012 Moxie Madness Team CrossFit Competition.


Ben Stoneberg

Ben Stoneberg was born and raised in Eugene, OR where he grew up loving sports and was a 5-sport athlete at Sheldon High School. After 1 workout at a “box” (gym), Ben was hooked on CrossFit. Ben is a 5-time CrossFit Games athlete (4 individual, 1 team). Dubbed “Stone-Cold Stoneberg” by announcers at the 2014 North West Regional for his stoic demeanor, Ben rarely shows discomfort and sometimes trains in silence.  Starting out competing in local and regional competitions, Ben made it to the 2011 Games in just his second year of training and placed 20th in the Individual competitions. Ben joined Team Crossfit Intensify in 2012, in which they placed 14th in the team event at the 2012 CrossFit Games. Stoneberg went on to making the elite Games competitions in both 2013 & 2014, placing 16th and 9th place respectively, in the Individual competitions. After being sidelined by a back injury in 2015, Ben returned to the Games in 2016 taking 28th place in the Individual competitions. A trainer at CrossFit Intensify, Stoneberg looks to continue his Games return in 2017.


 Catherine Blatner

Cat has been coaching CrossFit since 2011 and joined the prestigious Invictus CrossFit coaching team in 2014 after spending time at two CrossFit gyms in the Portland area. She holds a number of CrossFit Certifications and has participated in a number of training events, including the OPEX.  Cat enjoys coaching a wide range of athletes from experienced CrossFitters, who need tips on fine-tuning or help with their mental game, to beginners who are enthusiastic to learn and get serious about their fitness goals.  She really loves helping people build confidence and working with those who have weight loss goals. Cat feeds off and really loves the energy of group classes. As an athlete, Cat earned a spot to the Northwest Regionals in 2013 & 14 and was a member of the Invictus 2015 Regional Team, helping earn them a spot to the CrossFit Games.




Pat Burke

Pat has always been interested in testing his own capabilities – physically and mentally. He has used his body as a testing ground for some of the most grueling, spirit-breaking workouts imaginable. His love for fitness and pushing the boundaries eventually led him to CrossFit. He was introduced to CrossFit in the Marine Corps and was immediately able to apply it to his training. As a Marine Martial Arts Instructor Trainer, he knows the importance of real-world fitness and being able to operate at a high-level of physical performance while dealing with the stressors of life.His skills as a coach come from years spent as a student. He continuously studies/trains mixed martial arts, Olympic lifting, and endurance. He instructs athletes of all ages and fitness levels in nutrition, fitness, and athletic conditioning. It is Pat’s sincere desire to pass on his love for fitness to everyone he meets. Pat is a 6-time CrossFit Games Competitor, with finishes of 21st, 8th, 7th, 13th, 16th in 2012, and 33rd in 2014.



Schilling Community Center • 634-1387

Risner Fitness Center • 634-5128

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